I haven’t written much lately. There were some major changes I’ve gone through and, to be frank, I didn’t have any new material worth sharing. But still I thought I would write about the updates and changes in my life… so here it goes!

First of all, school started for me and it’s going to be an exciting one for sure. I’m taking more morning classes (thanks to my summer internship I’ll adjust pretty well to waking up in the morning) and with that I have more time in the afternoon which I spend on going home and taking naps. Terrible time management but for an oldie like me those naps really help.

Also, I’m going to the UK next year! I am fortunate to have been chosen as one of the exchange students going to Europe next year and I’ll be studying in University of York. This is pretty incredible because spring term for University of York ends in March, which gives me roughly four months to travel around Europe before coming back to Korea. I cannot wait to document my travels, and my blog will consist of posts on preparing for the travels as well as the actual experience being there. Top destinations: Paris, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, and Marrakech.

Lastly, here’s stupid-incident-of-the-day. I was walking around Hapjeong when I tripped and my sandals broke. I had to choose between going to the nearest shop barefoot or let the straps lightly grab hold of my ankles while the sole of the sandal fly about creating air gaps every time I take a step. Hard choices considering both are equally embarrassing, but I chose the latter. There I was walking between from Hapjeong to Hongdae, one of the busiest streets in the weekend. I prayed and prayed on my way to ABC-Mart for cheap flip-flops. But no~ they didn’t have any (at this point I wanted to give up on life in general and just crawl under the ground and die. Instead of doing that, I bought TOMS shoes. The silver lining of this incredibly time-wasting story: It was a reasonable purchase because it’s almost autumn.

Speaking of autumn, I can physically feel the changes lately. My nose is runny all the time and I constantly sneeze because of the seasonal change (7. 7 is the greatest number of consecutive sneezes I’ve had). And to top it off, I showered with hot (like, hot spring hot) water today. Changes are coming people, and I can feel it around me…

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