I’ve been looking for a way to track down the countries I’ve visited. I’ve bought an atlas where you could color the countries you’ve visited, but I think an application is a better way to keep track of the countries. Today I found an app called “been” by accident and it’s exactly the type of application I’ve been looking for!


Been colors the atlas based on the countries you’ve visited. It is a free application downloadable in App Store, and I love this for the simplicity.


All you have to do is select the list of countries, check the check mark and the map automatically colors the countries you’ve selected! (It’s really self-explanatory, isn’t it?)


A bonus for those living in the US, you can select the list of states you’ve been to! Wouldn’t it be great if this app not only has the specifics for the US but for other countries as well? It would be popular for the local travelers.


This is my colored map. You can see I haven’t visited a lot of places. But I cannot wait to fill this up once I go to Europe for student exchange program!

Download this application if you also want to keep track of the list of countries (or states!) you’ve been to!

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