cheese & crackers sounded cute when I first thought of the domain name, but it’s not really engaging and personal

for a while I’ve been trying to find a domain name that incorporates my name

it was really hard. tiffanytypes, tiffanywrites, tiffanycho… millions came up but either the name was taken or it didn’t stick to me

for a while I even debated whether I should use Tiffany or my Korean name, which is hard to pronounce as it is.

and today, I thought of with me, Tiffany, and it just made sense. (albeit I might change it in the future… quod who knows… I’m very indecisive)

with me, Tiffany is simply my way of telling the readers to step into my life and enjoy the little things with me.

So farewell, cheese&crackers. And I hope you could engage in the new chapter of my blog with me :)

-with me, Tiffany

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