I’m adding a new segment to my blog called Mise-en-scène.

For (potential) Korean readers out there, yes, it is a strange choice of name for my new segment. Because in Korea, Mise-en-scène is a name of a brand of hair products.

But Mise-en-scène is a cinematography term meaning “the arrangement of scenery and stage properties in a play” or “the setting or surroundings of an event or action.”

Basically, an arrangement of a scene in a film is described as a mise-en-scène.

My segment titled Mise-en-scène will be centered on famous film locations I will visit in Europe (and potentially other parts of the world if I continue this segment after my trip to Europe).

I think this is a really exciting project I have for myself.


I already picked around 16 locations based on three movies (& series) that have deeply impacted me in various ways.

Pride and Prejudice

Harry Potter Series


Mise-en-scène is a way for me to show my passion for cinematography. It’s also a way for me to tick off my bucket list of my must-travel places in the UK (and other parts of Europe).

I’m really excited for this project and I hope my readers would enjoy it as well.

By the way, today’s Christmas Eve! I’ve always loved the holiday season. Bought a pint of ice cream to share with my dad, and I’ll be watching Midnight in Paris.

Have a great Christmas!

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