york screams medieval, and you can really sense it the moment you get off the bus on the piccadilly road.

i went to the city center first time today and i am already in love with the place. it’s exactly the type of european town i have envisioned myself staying at.

and to be honest, i cannot, with this one post, describe the full beauty york provides because it’s my first time here. but i can’t wait to explore every nooks and cranny of this beautiful city that i will call home for the next three months.

one thing that’s surprising for me is how late the sun rises and how early the sun sets. these days the sun rises around 8:30am and sets around 4pm. and it gets pitch black around 6 or 7.

makes it harder for me to look around the city center but i cannot wait for the weather to warm up.

the shambles
the grimoire bookshop selling rare & secondhand books

4 Replies to “modern medieval town”

    1. yeah definitely, i mean, it came as such a shock to me because back in asia, the earliest sun sets in the winter is around 5pm. it’s really a shame how early the sun sets. makes me feel like i have less time to explore the city haha :)


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