Itinerary: 4-Weeks around UK & Random Thoughts…

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Gorgeous weather outside today!

My time as an exchange student in York is slowly coming to an end, so it’s time for me to sort out my travel plans!

(Instead of writing my essays) I planned out my 4-week journey around the UK. This is a rough plan and will most likely change as I travel (but then again it might not because spontaneity is not my forte)… but here it goes!

Note: this trip is planned according to the must-see places in the UK as well as film locations I want to visit (in brackets)!

York – Cambridge – London – Canterbury – Brighton (Cuckmere Haven) – Salisbury (Wilton House & Stourhead Garden) – Weymouth (Jurassic Coast) – Exeter – St. Ives – Plymouth – Bristol – Bath – Gloucester (Gloucester Cathedral) – Stratford-upon-Avon – Warwick (Warwick Castle) – Ludlow (Stokesay Court) – Chester – Liverpool – Manchester – Bakewell (Chatsworth House) – Manchester – Lake District (Windermere) – Glasgow – Fort William (Glenfinnan Viaduct) – Edinburgh – York

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 7.51.42 PM

This should be (hopefully is) exciting! I will be updating my blog as I travel so stay tuned!


Also, another (a rather trivial thing) to note…

The style and content of my blog seemed to have changed drastically. I started blogging in June 2015 to document my omg-moments… or just daily, random moments and thoughts… and back then I would say it’s (compared to posts these days) pretty word-heavy with fewer pictures.

This blog is initially just a blog to contain my thoughts and my daily life… but it’s leaning heavily to a ‘travel blog’… which (I guess) I’m fine with!

But at the same time, I’m afraid the content will be less like a travel blog once I return to Korea and it would lose it’s appeal after I go back…?

To be honest I’m not sure where this blog is heading (and not sure what I’m trying to convey through this post… I guess it’s just random thoughts I wanted to write about)

And I’m not sure whether I’m going in the right direction that would continue to stimulate me to write more posts even when I’m back in Korea…

But still I hope those of you reading my blog could enjoy what I post and you could get a sense of what I enjoy…? (again, not sure what I’m trying to say here…)

With some uncertainty and a tad bit of awkwardness (because I don’t know how to end this post)… SEE YOU SOON. BYE.

PS: Upcoming post will be about (the British classic) afternoon tea… stay tuned!

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