Cuckmere Haven is probably one of the most breathtaking places I’ve ever visited.

It is two hours away from Brighton by bus and a hugely popular destination. I personally went there because of the film Atonement starring Keira Knightley and James McAvoy. Yes. This is the place on Robbie’s postcard and this is the place where they shot the very last scene of the Atonement where Cecilia and Robbie had their happy ending.

I love the movie Atonement so much and it’s one of the movies that really made me cry in the cinemas specifically because of the last beach scene. So I had to see this place myself. I bookmarked this place well before I came to the UK and I just can’t believe I actually went there!

Here are some keywords that pretty much sums up the trip: wind & mud.

The weather was very forgiving (considering how it rained so much the last few days) but still it was very windy and I ended up throwing away my socks and shoes because I had to walk through a mud road and my shoes were drenched in mud water.

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It is so windy there as you can see from the windblown trees

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When I saw this sight… Man… It’s so hard to describe this experience…

This is really the reason why I’m traveling around the UK for four weeks. It’s sights like this that I saw in my favorite movies that I was able to see in real life that makes this trip bearable and worthwhile.

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One of the seven hills that are together called the Seven Sisters.

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This is the view from the top of the hills. It was so windy up here I had to sit down to take this photo. (Practically risked my life for this photo)

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The cottage! Atonement fans out there would know how important this particular shot of the cottage and the Seven Sisters in the background is. (Cue Atonement music)

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I had to bid farewell to this pair of shoes but this trip was so so so worth the visit. I don’t think I can ever forget this particular day.

Atonement fans, do check out the Cuckmere Haven.

Another film location crossed in my movie fanatic bucket list. (Checkout my post on the Durham Cathedral for a film location for the Harry Potter series)

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