Last two days of March I was in Salisbury to see the Stourhead Garden, Wilton House, and the Stonehenge.  The first two were movie sets for the Pride & Prejudice film, and Stonehenge is, well you know, Stonehenge.

While Salisbury is a popular day trip tourist destination, their bus system is really confusing. Even for me who I consider pretty street-savvy. Not sure what was up with me but the first day I was in Salisbury I got off the wrong bus stop which forced me to walk 3km in a place of nowhere because the next bus comes in an hour, and another time I got on a wrong bus that almost took me to Bath.

Another disappointing thing is that I found out that the Wilton House was closed until April 30th. A lot of castles and state houses started opening mid-march so I assumed the Wilton House would also be opened, but nope. I was pretty bummed because the interior of the Wilton House is supposedly very elaborate.

My original plan was to see the Stonehenge and the Wilton House the first day and then go to the Stourhead Garden the second day because it’s supposed to be two hours away from Salisbury by bus. But now that the Wilton House is no longer an option for me to visit, I just spent the whole day looking at standing rocks.

One thing I really wanted to point out is how ridiculously priced the tour bus to Stonehenge was. There are no public transportations that go to the Stonehenge so the only way for tourists to go there is by their own car or the local Stonehenge tour bus. But the tour bus costs 28 pounds per person. While that is the price including the entrance fee to the Stonehenge, it’s still so overpriced.

Anyway, here are some photos.

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