Flower Cafe in Spring… Living Cliché!

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As you can see.. not very good on the blog upkeep…

Few rather unfortunate things that happened to me lately

  • My hard drive containing all my travel photos (and other family photos) decided to crash… I managed to get some files restored but majority of them are gone :(
  • Air pollution in Seoul is ridiculous (makes me really miss the blue sky in Europe) and my skin is breaking out like crazy… not good
  • But I also think a full week of all-nighters contributed to my skin breakout
  • But really… my digital life is basically all gone along with the hard drive… au revoir…

Anyway, you can tell that April is not my month…

So… I realized that I haven’t uploaded photos of Fukuoka… and rest of my trip in Europe… I’m going to scavenge for remaining photos… but it’s not looking good and it’s rather upsetting.

But on a bright side, I had a great day today at a flower cafe so I decided to share some of the photos :)

In Korea (or Asia, really), we have a lot of special themed cafes. There’s cat cafe, raccoon cafe, hello kitty cafe, sherlock holmes cafe, and the list go on.

To celebrate the end of midterms, my friends and I went to a flower cafe which is a cafe that also sells flower bouquet (no duh). It’s located nearby my university but I’m sure there’s plenty more around Seoul.

For 9500 won (around 8 UDS), you can buy a drink that has flower arrangements at the top. A bit pricey but you get the best of both things offered in the cafe (of course you can also buy drinks without the flowers…). The cafe itself was also beautifully decorated. Here are some photos I took there.








If only my cat doesn’t tear down everything hanging on the wall or ceiling (or anywhere around the house, actually…) dry flowers would really be elegant house decorations, don’t you agree?

More photos coming soon!

PS. If you scroll to the bottom of my blog, you can see my Instagram (@tiffchoster) and faithful to being a walking breathing cliché, my Instagram is bombarded with flower photos (because it’s spring, you know). In summer maybe you’ll get to see other greeneries… or who knows… a beach…

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