The night breeze is still chilly and the air still fresh.

It’s hard to believe that we’re almost halfway through 2018!

I know I’ve been neglecting my blog for a while, of course not intentionally but more out of pure laziness, and there haven’t been many posts on traveling or daily photography. But I’ve actually been to so many places since the last time I uploaded a travel post! In the summer of 2017 I went to Hanoi Vietnam, and in January this year, I went to Manekharka Nepal, both for volunteer works. Maybe more on this later, but first here are some photos I took in Nepal.

2018-01-06 07:44:09.571




2018 has been a year full of personal reflections and changes to my daily routine. I’m not much of a reflective person, really. Those who know me know that I tend to just go with the flow in my life. So for me to be introspective and think about the changes that happen in my life was quite refreshing.

Another major change in my life is that I started swimming once again! I loved swimming ever since I was in elementary school but I’ve been so far away from the pool water I almost forgot what chlorine water smelled like. Three months into swimming and I can honestly say it’s the longest commitment I’ve had since college LOL (minus a phone game I’ve been playing since 2015). It definitely feels great to be back and I hope to continue this momentum.

Enough with my life updates and on to the actual topic I wanted to talk about.

Since I’ve been having so much time these days, I have had the opportunity to watch a lot of movies and TV shows (also rewatching movies I loved since childhood). While I may stop writing posts on traveling for a while, I thought I could change it up by writing posts on movie or TV show recommendations to keep this blog busy.

Later this week, and at least once a month starting from now, I am going to recommend one TV show and/or one movie I enjoyed this month, as well as one movie from childhood I recommend rewatching.

This should be fun.

Summer in Seoul is coming later than I hoped it would. We’re almost halfway through the year and the night breeze is still chilly and the air still fresh. Of course, when the sweltering heat arrives I probably regret my wish for summer to come sooner. But for now, I can’t wait for the air to turn stuffy and the heat to turn unbearable. It just gives me more excuses to eat watermelon and popsicles.

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