Photo of the Day (I realized I haven’t done one of these since April 2016!!!) today is actually from back when I went to Taiwan.

It’s one of my favorite photos I took from there, where you can see a beautiful sunset after a rainfall and the iconic Taipei 101 building along with breathtaking scenery of Taipei city. It was taken from a mountain called Xiang Shan (象山; Elephant Mountain).

Processed with VSCO with k3 preset

But what I truly loved about the scenery that day is not really captured quite well in this particular photo.

You can see it better from this photo I took with my iPhone. This photo was taken higher up the mountain, and you can just see how the buildings in the background are so complex, yet somehow are in unison as they slowly fade away. Quite beautiful I think.

Processed with VSCO with k3 preset

Summer is slowly coming to an end! While it’s great that I no longer have to endure the constant sweating and ‘sticky skin’ situation (you know what I’m talking about), it’s always sad to let the youthfulness summer brings go, isn’t it?

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