The recent outbreak of novel coronavirus and the subsequent travel restrictions placed on South Koreans have gotten me (quite ironically) reminiscing about past travels I made. While fully embracing my couch-potato ego and getting lazy inside my house the next few weeks, I thought I would post about my long over-due travels from last year.

Last September I had the opportunity to visit Hungary and Austria with a very tight 5-day itinerary. My trip there was purely for time off from work, and albeit a short stay there, I managed to jam in a real tight schedule to see the best of both places (by the end my feet were so sour I had to beg myself to just hang on for another day, haha).

Budapest and Vienna certainly had different vibes (as many travel blogs and videos suggested), and some part of me enjoyed the bohemian, rustic and cozy atmosphere Budapest offered, while another part of me fell in love with the grandeur Vienna displayed.

In a two-part blog post, I will be talking about the things I did in Budapest and Vienna, how I managed to squeeze both cities into my short trip, and just general thoughts (and photos) of the cities.

Also, I realized I haven’t written anything about my trip to Singapore back in June. Considering how much I loved the country (I live for its vibes, I truly do) after just a brief four-day stay there, I have to post some photos and write about that experience as well.

So a tale of three cities. To be continued.

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