There’s been a craze for analog photography lately (not sure if it still holds true, to be honest… I’m very slow on these hypes), and especially here in Korea, there have been various photo-editing apps or photography apps that attempt to emulate the feel of a disposable film camera with smartphones.

I wanted to recommend one app in particular, that’s both free and gives a nice retro touch to photos. It’s called Huji Cam, mimicking name of the famous photography company Fujifilm.


You look into the small viewfinder (but you can also enlarge it) and press the shutter. Then it takes the app a moment to process the film. When it’s done, you can press the Lab button which shows you the result of the photo. They all come out quite nice, actually, and I like the effects more when I use flash photography. The default time is set as 1980, but you can change the timestamp of the photos.

This app is similar to an app that came out before this one called Gudak. But while you have to finish a whole ‘roll of film’ and let it process before getting the results (similar to waiting for an actual roll of film), which could potentially take days, this app allows you to see the photo you took right away. Also, you have to pay for Gudak, but you can enjoy Huji film for free! :)

Here’s a sample of photos I took with this app. Please enjoy it :)












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